Apartment of 52m² for four people with private garden, swiming-pool and option linen, between xx to xx xxx 2017

  1. Flat 1 : Living room
  2. Kitchen Part:

    High cupboard with three doors New
    3-position wine rack New
    Low cupboard , 3 doors and 4 drawers New
    5-position wine rack New
    Resin sink with fat receiver New
    Tap with little shower, Grohë New
    Fridge 110 liters, Lec New
    Microwave with grill 800W, Bluesky New
    Gas cooker, 2 burners, Rosières New
    Hood with lighting, Scholtès New
    Half-round table with fixed foot New
    Kitchen stools, 4
    Folding armchairs in massive teak, 2
    Wall cupboard with two sliding doors, equipped with three drawers and seven racks New
    Wall cupboard with two sliding doors, mirror, equipped with three drawers and eleven racks New
    White draining board 1


    Electric coffee machine, Philips New
    Toaster 1
    Blue breakfast cups 3
    2 Coffee service (12 cups, 12 saucers, milk jug and coffee pot)
    Blue drainer for cutlery 1
    Sponge 1 (option Linen room)
    Strainer 1
    Tray 1
    Table mat 1
    Teflon chopping board 1
    Container for cutlery 1
    Serrated knives 10
    Forks 10
    Soup & coffee spoons 12 + 10
    Corkscrew 1
    Tin opener 1
    Bunch of artificial flowers in pot 3
    Dustbin 1
    Whisky glasses 2 and Guinness glasses 7
    Aperitif glasses 20
    Simple glasses 10
    Champagne flutes (crystal) 11
    Stemmed crystal glasses 6
    Orangeade service (Glass of Biot) (5 glasses and 1 carafe with glass stopper )
    Terracotta jug 1
    Ice bucket with spoon 1
    Salad bowl (1 plastic + 2 glass)
    Battery of pans 5
    Battery of cast-iron frying pan 5 parts with 2 lids
    Cast-iron grill plaque 1
    Frying pan 1
    Dinner service (9 soup plates, 16 dinner plates, 16 dessert plates, 3 bowls)
    Broom, shovel and brush 1+1+1

    Living room

    Sofa bed BZ new of 160cm (purchase November 2007), convertible in bed of 160cm X 200cm, double independent diagrid with slats, mattress Dunlopilo 100% Latex 16cm with protection of mattress and two pillows with the same drawings as the settee
    Oil painting (50x60) 1
    Side-board, two doors, two drawers with marble plate and mirror console
    HD Television 107 cm TNT integred with remote control, LG 1
    Satellite decoder international Channel, all langage, 1350 Channels
    Bracket lamp, 120 cm with dimmer switch 1
    Voile curtains and rod 3

  3. Bedroom:
  4. Furnishing

    Three wardrobes with central mirror for each one, automatic return system above for two of them, shelves and three drawers in each.
    180 x 200cm large bed with slatted base and natural latex mattress "Summer"/"Winter" face NEW
    Bedside tables with drawer 2
    Oil painting (75x55) 1
    Bracket lamp 2
    Rod and opaque curtains 4
    Coat-hangers 20
    Vent stack 4 speeds with ordering of setting in rotation and programming of the duration of ventilation

    Option heating and air conditioning on the ground in every room: € 40 / week
    Winter, temperature is regulated at 21 ° C
    In the summer, the air conditioning is active above 26 ° C from 19.00 hour at 7.00 in the morning (a moisture absorber is made available)

    Option Linen room (linen for 2 people placed at the disposal and replaced by clean every week = 40 Euro/week + 20 Euro by additional people)

    Continental quilt (240x 240), 1 + 1 feather bed in sleeping bag and cover of feather bed so more than one person
    Covers (240x240), 1 + 1 so more than 2 people
    Pillows 4
    Bath-towels (160x90), 2 + 1 by anybody additional
    Towels, 4 + 1 by anybody additional
    Cloths Terylene (240x240) 1, Draps covers Tergal 1 for bed in 180 X 200 cm, mattress protection in cotton with Teflon
    So more than 2 people, Cloths Terylene (240x240) 1, Draps covers Tergal 1 for settee in 160 X 200 cm, mattress protection in cotton with Teflon
    Terylene pillowcases, 4 + 1 by anybody additional
    Thwart with slip, 1
    Carpet of bath, 1 (option linen)
    Tea towels 4
    Domestic iron & ironing board 1

    Personnal linen Cleaning Option
    For five kilos linen on the same type (compatible in the same waching-machine and on the same cleaning cycle)
    Five kilos linen price, return clean and press (Included all cleaning and sof elements tcompatible with our septic pit) = 6 €uro

    Internet Wifi.
    To ask at time of booking (ADSL over Powerline 100 Mb and Wifi) (for people knowing program, set up and configure their Internet network).
    Wifi gratis :
    network name: NETGEAR_Guest1, password = 19H36B7B01F8F

  5. Bathroom:
  6. Resin bathtub, 160x75, with shower protection, 130x80
    Multi-speed water taps, Grohe
    Soapdish, high towel-rail
    Suspended Basin with tap system, Grohe
    Towel-rail, coat peg 2
    3-doors mirrored bathroom cabinet with lights and 220V AC plug
    Electric toothbrush and jet system, Braun (brushes not provided)
    Tooth glasses with supports brushes 2
    2-speed hot air convector, 2000W
    Plastic bathroom dustbin
    Carpet 1 (linen option)
    Electrical razor, 3 heads, Philips 1

  7. WC:
  8. Toilet bowl 1
    Toilet brush and holder 1
    Toilet-paper roll distributor 1
    Clotheslines for cloth 1

  9. Corridor:
  10. Mountain picture 45x30
    Centralised aspiration connection
    Mahogany separation-door
    Flat and Sauna Key 1
    Entry gate key 1
    Radio portal command 1

  11. Other material available
  12. Blind 4,5m X 2,5m with crank
    Barbecue 1
    External plastic table, 6 places 1
    Plastic armchairs 4
    Transat deck chair 1
    Aspirator handle for centralised aspiration (Centralized vacum cleaner) at your disposal on request, mandatory at end stay, 1
    Vaporetto, hot flush cleanning to 130°C at your disposal on request, mandatory at end stay, 1
    Multifunction oven 1 (only if owner is present)
    Sun blind, 3x3 m, available for 23 € whatever the duration of hiring.
    Additionally other various things on your request simplifying life and your stay
    Sauna room with shower, WC, wash basin
    The price for one sauna utilisation is 8 € regardless of the number of users (material, oils, various brushes and soaps placed available).

Contrat de location d'un appartement de 52m² meublé avec Pergola et Jardin privé entre les dates suivantes.
Du .................................. au ......................................... 2017

Entre le loueur

"Chistiane & Alexandre SPAPPERI demerant 2000, chemin des Colles 06 740 Châteauneuf Grasse"

et le locataire
Miss & Mister ........................... address ................................................................ Town ............

Code post ........... Country ......................... Phone number ....................................
@mail .................................................... qui déclare accepter les conditions suivantes du contrat :

The rent starts at 4.00 P.M (and before 10.00 P.M) and finish at 10.00 A.M.
The automatic watering system turns from 20h50 to 21h10 in winter. In spring and summer from 23h50 to 00h10 and 5h50 to 6h10.
The use of the swimming pool is limited from 08h00 to 20h00, except other agreement with the owner. Our swimming-pool is made safe by an optical warning system, however the conditions of safety, protection and monitoring of the children must be taken on the whole of the property by the tenant. For safety reasons, the use of trousers-short, shorts, bermuda shorts is interdict in and around the swimming pool.
In order to check whole conformity compared to the elements indicated on the Web site, the contract signature is done in the forty eight hours following the arrival. The tenants recognize to make their business by their own insurance of any incident and accident which can intervene in the property and incumbent with their responsibility. The owner insurance is not covering this disaster type.
Animals are only in certain cases tolerated (with previous agreements). We insist on calm and care for the free living animals around the house. Barking and straying will not be accepted.
We require cleanness and the respect of the elements put at your disposal and we will not accept any failure. All the furniture put at your disposal is new, thank you to keep attention. All doors, tiling and equipment put at your disposal is new and neither scratched and not damaged.
In case of damage and after estimated quotation the costs will be completely retained from the payment of your guaranty deposit which is to be given to the owner at the reservation. The cation return is send to the tenant after the end of the stay.
We ask at the tenants don’t smoke in the flat.
We don't ask a deposit for our rentals, but the stay payment is in cash (xxx €) the first day, after the visit place, at the delivery of the keys.
Following the legal requirements, all damage costs will be fully retained on the reservation/bond which is to be delivered to the owner at the time of booking. This warranty, cheque or corresponding value, is returned to the lessor as soon as next week if no degradation is seen after the end of the stay. Thanks to transmit to us yours IBAN and SWIFT (BIC) codes so we can turn over to you as soon as possible your guarantee.
A lump sum of € 40 (forty Euro) will be retained on the bond for the cleaning of the premises if the cleaning has not been at the end of stay by the tenant.
Due to a very small bad tenants number, we are obliged to add this paragraph: in case of dispute with the landlord during the lease as: default of payment deadlines, refusal to submit a paper of identity (identity card or passport) or the breach of a clause at any of this undertaking, undesired noise, damage, non-compliance with the owners, misuse fluids available or other nuisances to the neighbourhood, it may require the immediate termination of this agreement and the lessee shall leave the premises rented at the simple request of the lessor.
Any major problems, only the Grasse Court will be recognized competent.

Signature of owner

"Good for agreement"

Signature of tenants or their representative

"Good for agreement"

Christiane & Alexandre Spapperi






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